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Trend analysis of seafood trade in Saint Martin’s island of Bay of Bengal

Saint Martin’s island is the only coral reef island of Bangladesh which is situated in the northeastern part of Bay of Bengal. The tourism industry has become already developed on the island. And seafood trade at the beachside has also become exoteric which fascinate the tourists. The research delineates the trends of seafood trade on the island with special emphasis on consumer’s preferences, trader’s attitude, and constraints. To compile primary and secondary empirical data, questionnaire interviews from traders and consumers were conducted and related books and literature were reviewed. The study revealed 20 marine fish species, 4 crab species and different types of lobster, shrimp, squid, and octopus are selling commercially in 45 restaurants (34 permanent & 11 temporary based). The average price of marine fish species was found 355±272 BDT and 100±43 BDT for crab species. The price switches with the size of fish species. Megalops cyprinoides followed by Parastromateus niger and Eleutheronema tetradactylum were found as the more preferred species by the consumers. Tourists enjoy seafood mostly (44%) as fried. Barbecue was preferred by 33% and 23% choose the traditional cooking method. The peak season of trade was found from September to March month. Live raw fish are collected from local fishers in the Kilogram unit. The average sale of traders was found 5600±1594 BDT per day and average business experience was found 5-6 years. The quality and hygiene of fish were not maintained due to the lack of proper storage facilities. Extortion by the members of law enforcement agencies due to illicit acquisition by beachside restaurants were found as a negative fact. The potentials of this industry lies on the proper planning and this study will contribute as the basic analysis of the trade.

Recommended Citation: Chowdhury JK, Fagun IA, Talukder D, Rishan ST, Islam MT, Rahman M, Trend analysis of seafood trade in Saint Martin’s island of Bay of Bengal, 1st International Student Research Conference-2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

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