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Touching 71 (2015)

Touching 71 (2015) Short, Action, Drama, History, War | 1140min | January 22, 2015 (Bangladesh) 7.7
Director: Iftekhar Ahmed FagunWriter: Saifuddin JabedStars: Iqbal Hossain Galib, Saifuddin Jabed, Shadman Islam NabilSummary: In 1971, at the village of Shobuj attacked by the Pakistani Armed force. They were creating many kinds of rampage. At One point they took Shobuj & Amols sisters. Shobuj & his four friends went to the next village for help. But they couldn't get any kind of help. Then they decided to attack the camp by themselves. They rescued their elder sisters and at that time Shobuj gave away his life for their sake. —Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun
Touching 71 | Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

The Daily Observer: Touching 71 is comparatively one of the latest entries in the short film list that are based on our glorious Liberation War. It is directed by Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun.
The plot revolves around 1971, when the Pakistani Armed Forces attacks a village. They create rampage and at one point, they take the protagonist’s, Shobuj and Amol, sisters. After that, Shobuj and his four friends goes to the next village for help but they failed to get any. Then, they decide to attack the camp of Pakistani Armed Forces themselves. Eventually, they successfully rescue their elder sisters. However, Shobuj has to sacrifice his life on the process.
The touching production has Iqbal Hossain Galib, Saifuddin Jabed, Shadman Islam Nabil and many other talented actors who successfully portrayed the scenario and narration of the short film along with the incredible input made by the director Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun. Saifuddin Jabed is also the writer of this beautiful short film that touches our heart.

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