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Social Media in Advancement of Aquaculture in Bangladesh -Potentials and Challenges

Aquaculture production contributes 56.24 percent of the total fish production in Bangladesh. The study was conducted to explore the role and feasibility of social media in advancement of aquaculture in Bangladesh and its potentiality and challenges. Nowadays internet is used by 57.2% of total population in Bangladesh. Social media has become ubiquitous and social capital allows a person to draw on resources from other members of the networks to which he or she belongs. To collect empirical data a number of qualitative and quantitative tools such as questionnaire interviews, focus group discussion and oral history from different stakeholders were employed. The study identified 40 communities about aquaculture techniques, systems and information sharing on Facebook, the most popular social media in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country consisting in different remote areas such as Haor regions, hilly regions are not easily accessible for physical extension work of fisheries and aquaculture. Establishing the social media as a bridge between extension organization and fish farmers can contribute to make more profitable and sustainable aquaculture sector. On the other way, social media can play important role in fisheries and aquaculture research field. Based on literature review, interview from different stakeholders the research analysis has proposed a conceptual frame work for potentiality of social media in advancement of aquaculture in Bangladesh. The study has also identified the challenges of establishment of social media as a tool for aquaculture extension service and prepared some recommendations. The study has found, Social media can be used to spread new techniques and culture practices to the field level. Building community network, developing community infrastructure and community based fisheries management will be also easy to implement through the utilization of social media.

Recommended Citation: Islam R, Fagun IA, Rishan ST, Social Media in Advancement of Aquaculture in Bangladesh -Potentials and Challenges ,Fisheries Society of Bangladesh Biennial Conference 2019, Book of Abstracts, pp.115-116.

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Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

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