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Small Scale fishers are living on the margin: Evidence from Bangali River, Bangladesh

Small-scale fishers lead a majestic figure in the inland fisheries contribution of Bangladesh. Bangali River is one of the most important rivers in the northern part of Bangladesh because of its inordinate biodiversity. The paper portrays the struggling livelihood of small-scale fishers in terms of socioeconomic capitals. To gather empirical data, 120 fishing households were surveyed and analyzed. The study discovered that extensive varieties of fish species are available there. For capturing, various types of fishing gears were operated through the year but the financial and social state of fisher’s are not satisfactory in the study area and they are living on the margin of the society. By using destructive fishing gear, the diversity and production of fish are decreasing. Population pressure, decreasing water quality, frequent natural disasters, lack of technical knowledge are the reasons for why the capturing rates of fish are getting low, and earning of fishers are also declining. The majority of the fisher’s (62%) daily income lies between 201-300 Tk and in this context; they cannot fill their fundamental needs. The study revealed that the number of fishermen is decreasing day by day and the respondents trying to find some conceivable solutions. To ensure sustainable fisheries sector, government and non-government organizations should take footstep to properly address the vulnerability of small scale fishing communities and take initiatives to adopt better livelihood and coping strategies for the community.

Recommended Citation: Islam MR, Fagun IA, Chowdhury JK, Rishan ST, Reashanujjaman, Srabon SD, Small Scale fishers are living on the margin: Evidence from Bangali River, Bangladesh, 1st International Student Research Conference-2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

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