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Potentials of Fisheries Based Ecotourism in Sylhet Division of Bangladesh

Tourism and Fisheries both are promising sectors for Bangladesh’s economy as a developing country. Nowadays the fisheries sector is becoming diversified with different perspectives. Recreational fishing has become already exoteric throughout the world. Though Fisheries based Ecotourism, (FbE) is a new concept but it has many potentials, as the tourism sector needs to create new innovative attractions. Sylhet division of Bangladesh (consisting of four districts- Sylhet, Habiganj, Sunamganj, and Moulvibazar) is mainly a haor basin includes a large low land portion with many rivers. The study will come up with a fundamental analysis of FbE commencing in terms of socioeconomic, environmental, and cultural aspects in the study area. The study portrays the potentials and challenges of initiating fisheries based ecotourism in the Sylhet division based on a synthesis of primary and secondary data. To gather the perceptions of local stakeholders towards FbE, qualitative methods were employed. The study explored that recreational fishing, fishing competitions, wetland exploration, fish fair, fishing festival with traps, angling are traditionally popular in the study area. The study also identified the potential sites and events for initiating FbE. The impact of these activities is also found positive in the local community’s socioeconomic state. The acceptance level of FbE as an earning tool is also found high. The potentials of this new concept lie between the proper frame working, planning, implementation, developing infrastructures, and promoting the sites and events as tourist attractions.

Recommended Citation: Fagun IA, Rishan ST, Shipra NT, Islam MR, Potentials of fisheries based ecotourism in Sylhet division of Bangladesh, 1st International Student Research Conference-2020, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

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