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Impacts of Climate Change on Hilsa fisher livelihood and Strategies in Kuakata coastal belt, Bangladesh

The impacts of climate change are surging and the bitter result are expressed whole over the world. Bangladesh has blessed with diversifying agriculture and fisheries is one of the most economical potential sector. Based on fieldwork, this study identifies how the climate change impacts on the livelihood and socio-economic condition of Hilsa fisher and how they struggle with the incidents linked with climate change in Kuakata coastal belt, Patuakhali, Bangladesh. To collect empirical data, interview and group discussion were conducted among 50 Hilsa fisher. The data indicates the major natural disasters tropical storms, cyclones, fluctuation in temperature and rainfall which is result of climatic alteration and these causes the fishers significant losses are house and boat damage, net loss, uproot of trees. They survive on income of overfishing even illegal fishing in banning season, relief from government and NGO’s, loan for repairing boat, house and net. Adaptation is common on this area as Hilsa fisher reconstruct the physical capital (building safe house, repair of boat), natural capital (tree plantation, vegetable culture) and in long term, they are trying to educate their children’s. Based on scientific research and data, the research analysis has crucial points should to solve for the surviving of Hilsa fisher against climatic change with sustainable way as Hilsa contain an economical traditional and cultural sign. From the documentation, climate resilient culture technique, insurance of fishing capital, loan facilities on easy term, educating the community, create awareness on savings are crucial for the Hilsa fisher.

Recommended Citation: Urme SRA, Fagun IA, Rishan ST, Impacts of Climate Change Hilsa fisher livelihood and Strategies in Kuakata coastal belt, International Conference on Environmental Solutions for Sustainable Development: Towards Developed Bangladesh (CESSD 2019) on Bangladesh, Book of Abstracts, p.171

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Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

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