Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun

Film Career

‘Touching 71,’ ‘Darpa Churna,’ and ‘Aurthohin Artonaad’ are three fictional short films in his filmography. He serves as the president of the Sylhet Agricultural University Film Society. Fagun oversaw the Sylhet Film Festival’s festival director (2017-2019). In his home town of Habiganj, he is a part of the Aitizza Film Society and the Habiganj Film Society. He received a training in the UK through the British Council’s connecting classrooms project in 2012 after directing a stage drama.
He’s also participated in a number of filmmaking seminars, festivals, and initiatives. Other visual media productions by Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun deal with wetland and biodiversity conservation, climate change impacts, and aquatic ecosystems. He was involved with the production of a documentary of Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early Warning System (RIMES)’s project ‘Improved Weather and Flood Information System for Community Based Risk and Resource Management’ under SHOUHARDO III program, a food security program of CARE Bangladesh, supported by USAID with the complementary support from Government of Bangladesh. He has produced another documentary for the Department of Aquatic Resource Management of Sylhet Agricultural University’s project ‘Techniques Adoption and Formulation of Guidelines for Sustainable Management of Haor and Beel Fisheries’ funded by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC).

Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Biography: Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun is a Bangladeshi researcher and film director. Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun has directed a couple of short films, documentaries, and other visual media productions. His films have been nominated for national and international film festivals and have screened there. He is actively involved with the film society movement. See full bio >>
Touching 71 (2015) Short, Action, Drama, History, War | 1140min | January 22, 2015 (Bangladesh) 7.7
Director: Iftekhar Ahmed FagunWriter: Saifuddin JabedStars: Iqbal Hossain Galib, Saifuddin Jabed, Shadman Islam NabilSummary: In 1971, at the village of Shobuj attacked by the Pakistani Armed force. They were creating many kinds of rampage. At One point they took Shobuj & Amols sisters. Shobuj & his four friends went to the next village for help. But they couldn't get any kind of help. Then they decided to attack the camp by themselves. They rescued their elder sisters and at that time Shobuj gave away his life for their sake. —Iftekhar Ahmed Fagun
Aurthohin Artonad (2019) Short, Drama | 1560min | April 24, 2019 (Bangladesh)


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